Gospel to day: January 2008

Brooklyn Museum, The_Palsie Man Let Down through the Roof (Le_paralytique_descendu_du_toit),James Tissot
Brooklyn Museum, The_Palsie Man Let Down through the Roof (Le_paralytique_descendu_du_toit),James Tissot

Friday 12 January 2018

First week of ordinary


Mk 2: 1-12


1 He entered Cafàrnao again, after a few days. It was known that he was at home 2 and so many people gathered that there was no place even before the door; and he announced the Word to them.

3 They went to him carrying a paralytic, supported by four people. 4 However, since they could not bring it to him, because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof at the point where he was and, having made an opening, lowered the stretcher on which the paralytic was lying. 5 Jesus, seeing their faith, said to the paralytic, "Son, your sins are forgiven."

6 Some scribes were seated there and thought in their hearts: 7 "Why is he speaking like this? Blasphemy! Who can forgive sins, if not God alone? " 8 And immediately Jesus, knowing in his spirit that they were thinking to himself, said to them, "Why do you think these things in your heart? 9 What is easier: to say to the paralytic "Your sins are forgiven", or to say, "Get up, take your stretcher and walk"? 10 Now, so that you may know that the Son of man has the power to forgive sins on earth, 11 I say to you - he said to the paralytic -: get up, take your stretcher and go to your house. " 12 He got up and immediately took his stretcher, under the eyes of all he went away, and everyone marveled and praised God, saying: "We have never seen anything like this!"


Comment by Tommaso Nuovo

Jesus doctor of the soul and of the body.

The paralytic lowered from the roof before Jesus, receives from four people the forgiveness of sins before the healing of his sickness. Sins are an obstacle to both the healing of the body and the spirit. When one commits evil and goes against the commandments of God, the first to suffer the consequences is precisely who makes them. This fact concerns both a great evil, like killing a person and a small evil, like saying a word that slanders and defames the other.


We do not know if the man on a stretcher was accused of some sin, even in the depths of his soul, but from what appears it seems that Jesus anticipates him by giving him an answer to his need to be forgiven. The four people who lowered him to Jesus certainly had the concern of the healing of the body, but Jesus saw deeper and healed the spirit first and then the body.


Jesus also replied to those who had been scandalized by the fact that he forgave sins, which belongs to God alone. The conclusion is obvious and instead of thinking of the presence of God, those men have sinned against the Holy Spirit. For this reason Jesus shows that his action on man is total and he heals the paralytic to testify for them.


We reflect little on the weight of sins and their consequences on body and spirit. Many diseases that have an organic cause in the weakness of our person, also have a spiritual cause. These diseases are related to disorders, abuses, or situations in which structures of sin mark our society and we are born and live in them.

 Sin affects us in the senses, in the eyes, in the hands, in the words and in the thoughts, many times we get sick in the organ with which we sin.


The forgiveness of sins certainly acts for the salvation of the soul, but it can be the premise for the healing of the body. But the difference is made by faith. One thing is to face an illness with faith, one thing is to face it without faith or with a weak faith. A sickness, an accident, can be a great opportunity for conversion and salvation of the soul. We must learn to see in these facts a hidden grace, of which to profit immediately, thinking of the salvation of our soul, which is destined for eternal life. Like the soul so the body, which will be food for the worms, we must not condemn it with our sins, has eternal destiny: "I believe in the resurrection of the flesh". Jesus is the true physician of the soul and of the body and teaches us to be responsible to them: eternal life is at stake.Good day.