Gospel to day : april 2019

Monday 22 April 2019

Dell'Angelo: Easter octave

Mt 28, 8-15


8 Hurriedly abandoned the tomb with fear and great joy, the women ran to announce the disciples. 9 And behold, Jesus came to them and said, "Greetings to you!" And they approached him, embraced his feet and worshiped him. 10 Then Jesus said to them, "Fear not; go and tell my brothers that they go to Galilee: there they will see me ».

11 While they were on their way, behold, some guards came into the city and announced to the chief priests all that had happened.12 These then met with the elders and, after consulting each other, gave the soldiers a good sum of money, 13 saying : "Say this:" His disciples came at night and stole him while we slept. " 14 And if ever the thing should come into the governor's ear, we will persuade him and free you from all worries. ”15 They took the money and did according to the instructions received. Thus this story spread among the Jews to this day.


Comment by Tommaso Nuovo

Spiritual resurrection


 After seeing the risen Jesus, the women hurriedly abandoned the tomb to go and tell her disciples. Instead we must not abandon not only the sepulcher, but the very fact of Jesus' resurrection, and return to it with heart and mind, with faith.


The resurrection of Jesus is an extraordinary fact, unique, not even we can consider it only a miracle, but it is a divine fact that serves to change the history of men. First of all the resurrection of Jesus is not like that of Lazarus: a reanimation, because certainly Lazarus then died. Jesus, on the other hand, resurrected to no longer die, not subject to the space of time in this earthly dimension. His appearances are miracles destined for those who knew him and lived with him and were witnesses to the Risen One.


The resurrection of Jesus is a universal fact, capable of judging and discerning the truth or the lie of the religious experience of men, combined with all the facts and words of the life of Jesus, transmitted by the Gospel.


The resurrection of Jesus is also given to each of us, so that we can be resurrected with Jesus: now with a spiritual resurrection and tomorrow with the corporal one.


Jesus' disciples, welcoming him and gradually recognizing him as the Risen One in his apparitions, have also risen from unbelief, from fear, from their sins and have lived a life as new men, a new life: of grace and holiness, up to to the gift of oneself in death for Jesus. The apostles were constituted witnesses of the Risen Jesus.


We too, if we want to arrive at bodily resurrection, must first pass from the spiritual one. But there is no resurrection without a death, there is no spiritual resurrection without a spiritual death, that is, a continuous mortification of sin that passes through our body. To die to ourselves, to make the spirit live.

Perhaps the path of mortification may seem difficult or too harsh, but we must look, more than at fatigue and deprivation, at what awaits us. The fullness of life is in the person of Jesus. He makes those who died and are raised in him participate in such a great destiny.


But if we have a lukewarm faith and we are not willing to toil and obey we will have made a useless easter. With the things of God and with faith we must always make a decision and ask God for help, to remain firm in what we have chosen.


When Jesus rose again there was a great earthquake (see Mt 28.2), as well as to his death (see Mt 27.54). This earthquake in the Spirit also comes to us and if the Lord Jesus allows it also in the body, because today we decide with whom to stay: with the truth that is Jesus Christ or with the lie of those who deny it or deny it. The mother of Jesus of the Son of God. she who has never failed in the faith that her Son would have risen, if we pray to her and we put ourselves close to her, she will guide us in our spiritual resurrection. Christ is risen, he is truly risen from, the alleluia